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About Us

Meet Jen


My name is Jennifer Vogt. My husband Scott and I are the owners of Mission Medical Weight loss. As someone who has struggled with my weight my entire life, I am making it my mission to help you lose weight. I have joked around with overweight friends and said “if only there was a Magic pill, we’d all be skinny!”


Well I am here to tell you, there’s definitely not a “magic pill”, but there are definitely options to put you on the right track to jump start your weight loss and overall optimize your health. With my experience as a registered nurse/nurse practitioner since 2004 and Scott’s experience in the fitness industry since 2006 we have all of the knowledge and tools to make weight loss a successful mission for you. As someone who is overweight, I am on this journey with you. I know personally the struggles that many of you face… busy work life, kids and their demanding schedules, on top of numerous other things. Scott and I will put the right action plan in place based on your lifestyle to help you succeed! Reach out and we will get you started on the Mission to your weight loss!


Meet Scott

Bio coming soon!

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