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Botulinum toxin aka botox... Aging gracefully!

Aesthetics was actually my first entrepreneurial adventure. I started a little "side hustle" after taking a botox/filler certification a few years ago... And I haven't looked back since!! It's been a blast and I'm excited to grow this aspect of Mission. I love seeing women do something for themselves - so much of the time, we pour all of our time, energy and MONEY into our kids and there's not much left for ourselves, so I 100% give props to my ladies who take time to do something for themselves. I also love my girl time! I do have a few male clients but the majority of my ddclients are girls, MY GIRLS! and I absolutely love catching up with them. In a house full of boys, YES even the dog! I can always use a little more estrogen in my life, hahaha.

Over my few years of doing botox I have realized a few things... one I am a conservative injector - I tend to start with a small amount of botox and have my clients back for touch ups - you can always use more, but you can never take it back (it'll just naturally wear off over 2-3 months time). I also never perform a skill that I am not comfortable with - I have a great team with me and an awesome mentor - I have no hesitation reaching out to him for guidance if I don't feel comfortable with a request from a client. This is soooo important - whether you choose me if you ever need botox or someone else - please do your due diligence. My initial course was one weekend - since then I have done extra training with an awesome master injector in Michigan. I am also part of a group where we review client cases, obtain feedback from each other, bottom line - I never stop learning! Find someone who also does this!

My intention for this blog post is to answer some general questions - many of my clients were "first timers" when they came to me and I've learned a lot of the common questions! So, here goes:

~How do I know if I need botox? Well here's my question for you - when you look at yourself in the mirror, do you see any areas that bother you - most commonly forehead, the "11's" (those vertical lines between your eye brows, that make a number 11 or sometimes just a 1 when you show your mad face LOL or your "crows feet" or smile lines. If your answer is that nothing really bothers you or you don't have resting wrinkles, then you're not ready yet. If your answer is yes, then it's about time to inject those areas that are bothersome to you!

~How long does botox last? And will my wrinkles come back worse if I stop doing it? We have a great product called Jeuveau, that's been my GO TO product - onset is quicker than the Botox brand - clients begin to see results at 48 hours and it lasts about 3 months. And NOPE, your wrinkles will not come back worse if you stop doing botox - after the 3 month mark you'll just begin to notice more movement in the muscles of your face AKA wrinkles returning, but it will never be worse than before, it will just simply be noticeable again. One of the positive things about starting botox before you have significant fine lines and wrinkles is that you won't develop hard permanent lines, which really keeps us looking youthful!

~How much does botox cost? Mission's cost ranges from $10/unit for hosting a party (let me know if you are interested in this and we can talk in more detail) up to $12.50/unit. And I have no hesitation to tell you that if you're paying less than that you are risking getting a false product, a diluted product or your injector is not reputable. This is sooooo important! False product can cause reactions to your skin and ultimately you have no idea what is being injected into your face, not a very reassuring feeling. Diluted product can result in diminished effect of product - basically you need more (more money) to produce the results you're looking for. And back to having a reputable injector - you definitely want to choose wisely! Common costs for injections - Forehead 10-16 units, 11's 8-12 units, crows feet 6-10 units (each side of the face) but we go over all of the specifics at a consultation!

I hope with this post I have helped you learn a little more about botox! If you have any questions I'd be happy to help! Or if you think you're ready to age gracefully let me know, I'd love to schedule a consultation. We also have a $40 off coupon!


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