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Down 25 lbs and ate at Woodshop last night!


Work on you, for you. ~Unknown


Yup, you read that right... I stepped on the scale yesterday - down 25 lbs since November (GO ME! LOL) and also celebrated a birthday at the Woodshop last night - eating a burger and fries!

It's all about balance guys... I am NOT the plain salad, no cheese with grilled chicken, hold dressing kind of girl! If I'm going to go out to dinner, I am going to enjoy what I am eating OR I'd rather just stay home and have Scott cook something healthy (I'm honest, he's the cook in our family, haha). So, knowing that I was going out to dinner... my breakfast consisted of egg whites/spinach/tomato bites and a greek low sugar yogurt, lunch was a salad with chicken. I also had a ton of water to stay hydrated all day and I got CLOSE to 10,000 steps. I intentionally set my day up knowing I was going to have something I wanted to eat at dinner - so naturally I had the burger with cheese AND bacon, ate a few bites of the bun and about 10 fries! But when I was full I STOPPED. That would NEVER have happened 6 months ago - I was a member of the clean plate club 100%, maybe even the president! But now, I really pay attention to when I am getting full and as soon as I take that big deep breath of FULLNESS, I am done! Not gonna lie the Semaglutide is amazing and definitely helps curb my hunger and keeps me feeling fuller longer but I'm taking some personal credit here too and that new buzz word you might hear "intuitive eating" - Yes it's a real thing... if you pay attention to when you are really hungry, when you are bored, when you feel like you SHOULD eat because it's 6PM and it's "dinner time", BUT you just ate a huge snack and hour ago and aren't really that hungry, guess what? you don't HAVE to eat dinner!

The bottom line is that you have to find what works FOR YOU! You have to find BALANCE! 80/20 eating - 80% healthy, 20% not, working out and working on my mind set is ABSOLUTELY working for me. I have so much energy, and I literally CANNOT say it enough, I am truly so HAPPY because I know I am taking my health back!

Scott and I are not in this business to help you lose 20-30 lbs quickly on some crash diet, make you do crazy cardio workouts (the strength training blog is coming soon) and then have you go right back to your old habits and gain back the 20-30 lbs AND probably more. We are here to help you actually change your life, your habits - to trial and error what fits with your lifestyle and to come up with ideas and strategies to make this sustainable for you! If we can help you in any way please reach out, we'd love to hear from you!


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