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HABITS. When motivation runs out we rely on our habits.

A recurring theme has come up during multiple weight loss consultations I've had this week, "once I stop taking the medication will I just gain the weight right back?"

In the beginning MOTIVATION, losing those first few pounds will be exciting, the journey will be new and exciting and motivation will carry you. But your MISSION may be over months or even a year. You have to keep in mind that you did not gain this weight over night and you will not lose it over night either. This is where habits will be crucial in your success.

Creating good habits right off the bat will be so important. Planning will be huge to your success - planning your meals, planning your exercise and planning around important things in your life. Studies show that it takes about 2 months for a new habit to become automatic. Here are a few suggestions for some good habits that you can implement right away when you start your MISSION:

~PLAN your meals: the more you can eat home cooked meals the more control you have over what you eat. Pack your lunch for work! There's nothing good about a cafeteria or fast food. A bonus, you'll save a lot of money! If you have a dinner out or a special event, set your day up to allow you to splurge at your party!

~Schedule your EXERCISE. If you have your workout scheduled into your day, you're more likely to make time for it. Plan to workout when you know that you are going want to do it. If you are normally busy at night, get it out of the way first thing in the morning. If you stay up late every night then take your workout clothes to work and head to the gym right from work to get it out of the way before heading home.

~Eat a lot of PROTEIN. Shoot for about 1 GRAM of protein per POUND of body weight (you can use your goal body weight also). By increasing the protein in your diet and making it a priority it will help keep you satisfied after meals and protein is also key to building muscle and losing fat.

~Drink a lot of WATER. Water will help keep you full throughout the day and flush out your body. Water also helps lubricate your joints. Especially if you've stepped up your workout game, water will play a role in your recovery.

~SLEEP! Sleep is essential for your health. Your body repairs and recovers during sleep. You should be shooting for 7-8 hours of sleep. If that's not realistic then just shoot for more than you were getting before.

These are a few key habits to being HEALTHIER. Nothing is one size fits all. You may need to start slow or make modifications that fit you and your life style. Keeping

things as simple as possible, especially in the beginning will be important for your success. Good habits will carry you through when the motivation runs out!

If you need any help setting some good habits or improving your health I would love to help!


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