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Starting another business with my best friend

and our journey so far...

“To stay HEALTHY, START being HAPPY first, because your GRIEF will AFFECT your HEALTH badly.”

Scott and I have been together since we were 14 & 15 years old. 3 kids, 4 dogs, and 2 businesses later here we are on another journey! Scott has been in the fitness/health and wellness industry for the last 16 years. I have been a nurse for 18 years and a NP for 8 years. For most of my life I have struggled with my weight, I have done countless fad diets and nothing has stuck. Last fall I came across a weight management course for nurse practitioners, I felt a pull to look into the course and ultimately decided that this would be the journey I would go on to take my health back and also help others do the same. I knew that with both mine and Scott's background and our gyms, we could help so many people. I remember what Scott had told me, back when he took over the gyms, that he made a promise to God that if he was able to own the gyms that he would make it his mission to help as many people as he could - I can confidently say that he's absolutely kept this promise for the last 16 years. All of these reasons have now lead me on my mission!

I started taking the medication Semaglutide (Ozempic/Wegovy) at the end of November 2021 and over the last 4 months I have lost 20 lbs. I 100% have lived my life during this time. December kicked off wrestling season which during wrestling season not much else happens, LOL. We spend hours in high school gyms in bleachers patiently waiting to watch our kids wrestle. Each tournament usually ends with a team dinner with all the families. Even though I was on my new health mission, I was determined to not allow my struggles to affect my family, so team dinners it was! I made healthier choices, but still had a glass of wine or Moscow mule! We also sent our oldest son off to a 3 year Army contract - if that doesn't cause emotional eating, I don't know what would LOL. But over the last few months I've been working out at least 4 days a week, building muscle (there will definitely be another blog on this, it's not ALL about cardio!) making better choices... Most importantly thought, I FEEL F@%king great!! I haven't had that EXTREMELY full feeling from over eating. I stop when I start to feel full. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables (I need more protein, Scott says haha) but I crave healthy food and not the junk. I'm not the "start on Monday" person any more - if I have a "cheat" meal, I get back on track the next meal. But most of all, I am very HAPPY! I'm excited to start to be on this new journey. I hope to be an example to women, and men - who live busy lives, have families, jobs, social lives - BUT still want to CHANGE their lives!

Being a health care provider comes easy to me, I can't wait to have more clients share my knowledge and help people get started on their MISSION to a healthier life. But the business end - website, bank accounts, medical record, ALL of the things that incorporate building the BUSINESS have been the challenge.! But here we are - posters are up in the gyms, we are starting to market our new business and honestly I can't wait for that email to come in saying that a new client, someone I don't know, wants to start their mission.

Whether you want accountability and support, medications for weight loss and health, or even PEPTIDE therapy (there will be another post on this VERY soon!) I am SUPER confident that Scott and I can help! We have the knowledge and experience to guide you on your MISSION!

~ Jen

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