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This post is a little sassy compared to most of my content and YEP I am 100% calling you out, but only because I am 100% this person myself.

How many of you think NOTHING of dropping hundreds of dollars on your kids? But when it comes to something for you, even if it's not that expensive, you convince yourself that you don't need it. This is me. Example - my boys wrestle and it takes up A LOT of our time and money and this literally happens ALL the time. A wrestling tournament or camp or some opportunity comes up and there is literally ZERO hesitation... they are in and we are going... hundreds of dollars later, they've had a great experience, we've made memories BUT we've also spent a SH!T ton of money!! Then I'll see a book, literally a BOOK that costs $25 ... okay sometimes it's something more expensive, but you get the point. It's something that completely benefits me and my health and I will think of 100 reasons why I don't need it, convince myself right out of it and not spend the money on ME. Or I'll make an excuse why I don't have the time to do something for me, like make the gym or take the time for myself because I have to clean the house before we are away for the weekend or catch up on the weeks, or last weeks laundry to be honest LOL. Regardless, everyone, the whole family, including the dog, is more important than me.

In all actuality, if you're not showing up the best version of YOU or taking care of yourself for YOU what kind of example are you setting for your KIDS?! You're telling them it's okay to put yourself second, it's okay to not make yourself your first priority or your responsibility. And we all know this is not right... we preach this to our kids ALL the time; "don't let so so take advantage of you, don't be pushed around, don't settle, don't miss that practice or event- you need to be there to make yourself better!"

HELLO! WAKE UP! Now's the time ladies and fellas... Put yourself FIRST, show up for yourself, buy the book, buy the self help/coaching course, don't miss the workout... set the example for your kids. You are the priority, your health is important both physical and mental. Show up for yourself so you can show up for your kids! They need us to be around for them.

Here's my 3 boys... my WHY... who I want to SHOW UP for.


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