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"Normal" or "Optimal"

Many of you see your provider and get labs done and everything comes back NORMAL! But you still feel like something is OFF! While normal is good and we definitely don't want anything to be abnormal... But do we want to live a NORMAL life or an OPTIMAL life?!?!

Vague symptoms - fatigue, aches and pains, hair loss, gut problems... many of these symptoms lead to essentially normal labs but not OPTIMAL!

Of course we all want to live our optimal life and this is where Functional Medicine comes in to play. Working on optimizing our labs - mostlyt through diet and possibly some supplements is the KEY to OPTIMIZATION.

I have been working a little behind the scenes, doing some more functional medicine over the last 6 months and heres a few things that I have found...

Many women in their 30's-40's are very low on iron and ferritin which can affect many things with your overall health. About 90% of my clients are low on Vitamin D. Thyroid is also something that I'm starting to take a deeper dive into, which definitely affects overall health and with a supplement or two and diet it can really be optimized. Insulin resistance and blood sugar is another big one - and one that definitely needs to be controlled before it turns in to pre-diabetes or diabetes. And lastly hormone levels -a big outlier is testosterone in both men and women!

So if you're looking to optimize your health in 2024, let me know! I'd love to get a lab panel and see what we can do to improve your quality of life in the NEW YEAR!! Sign up now for $100, after January 1st the price will be going up. Also feel free to reach out if you have any questions, I'd love to help!


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