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Peptides, Peptides, Peptides

"Unlike chemical drugs, peptides preserve the body's natural feedback loops and restore homeostasis, our natural balanced state. If you're healthy they can help you reach and sustain your physical peak. If you're ailing, there's a good chance they can help make you feel better."

~Life Force, How New Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine Can Transform the Quality of Your Life & Those you Love BY Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis, M.D, & Robert Hariri, M.D, Ph. D.


Peptide therapy! I think I am honestly most excited about starting peptides at Mission! I have been drawn to functional medicine for a few years now - I definitely think that there is a balance between conventional medical practices (managing blood pressure, antibiotics, treating conditions with medications- heck I've been a cardiac nurse practitioners for years!) BUT I am also into essential oils, vitamins, digging down to the route of a problem and not putting a band-aid on something with a quick fix medication. Then I found PEPTIDES!!!

Peptides are natural... they are short chains of amino acids ALREADY in our bodies, there are > 7,000 of them. Peptide therapy is used for weight loss, performance enhancement, decreased recovery times, enhancing healing, anti-aging, improved skin quality, improved cognition, improved insulin sensitivity, improved libido, improves subjective sense of well-being - people just feel good when they are on peptides. Each peptide works a little differently but here's the jist...

These peptides through different mechanisms stimulate our OWN growth hormone,... Remember back to when you were a kid and your skin was great, you could do a workout or your sports activity and not be so sore and have a bunch of aches and pains, you slept GREAT at night and even if you broke a bone - you were in a cast for a few weeks tops and then good as new again! Well as we age, the hypothalamus in our brain SLOWS stimulation of our growth hormone resulting in the OPPOSITE of all of the things I just mentioned above. So these awesome little peptides stimulate little bursts releasing our growth hormone making us feel like we are 20 again! Who doesn't want that?! The best part is peptides have little to no side effects - it's already produced in our body, we are just enhancing production. And they are safe! Peptides have been studied for many years and have proved to be very safe... here's the catch - they are not all FDA approved - When they were studied they were deemed SAFE but when they were up against different drugs/medications or against growth hormone itself efficacy couldn't be established. Well many of us don't need or want to take a prescription drug to make us feel better and even if someone were to take growth hormone (GH) itself - HGH is expensive (if you can even find it any more), it's hard to dose, and many times the dose is too high and you have more results than you want or need!

I could geek out and go on and on about peptides AND I probably will in future blogs, hahaha! But for now I'll leave you with this quick summary: Peptides are extremely beneficial for most people and especially anyone looking to improve any of the benefits listed in the beginning of the article. There's only about 1% of health care providers that incorporate peptides into their practice and here are some important things to note - peptides need to be dosed appropriately - "overdoses can wipe out the benefits of peptide therapy... MORE can actually be LESS" (1) peptides need to be ordered from trusted compounding pharmacies - black market and peptides off the internet are BAD NEWS! Anyone looking for more info about peptides, let me know! I would love to schedule a consultation and we can talk. And definitely stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook, there will be more to come on peptides!



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